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Understanding the true status of a project in construction today is not only challenging, the lack thereof is becoming a cost burden for project developers/clients/project sponsors.

Today we constantly see how three levels of poor control emerge in development organisations or project intensive institutions that ultimately lead to significant, unforeseen losses.

Contractors (Level 1)

Because of a lack of standards in terms of construction schedules the following tend to happen:

  • contractors routinely submit poor quality construction schedules that is completely unfit for good planning, progress measurement and control or;
  • contractors are so well-versed in expensive scheduling software that they provide very complicated schedules. These contractors have all the control and teams have no choice but to rely on this information often at their own peril when the contractor starts submitting claims for extension of time.

Professional teams (Level 2)

On the other hand, most of our Professionals on a project are highly skilled within their particular trades and very seldom possess the necessary, modern expertise or time to scrutinise and manage a contractor’s schedule and set up a proper controls infrastructure.  Whether a contractor submits a poor schedule or a highly complex one doesn’t really matter, the outcome is the same:

  • The team is not clear on what exactly is communicated by the contractor in his updated schedule, nor can they make meaningful sense of his 100-page progress reports.
  • The team is reliant on the contractor who slowly spreads his information. He can manipulate and mask it in any way he deems fit. Teams sit with poor information on which to make decisions or measure true variance often leading to disputes or sudden realisation of project failure, often taking place when it is far too late to take any corrective actions.

Developer/Project Intensive Institution (Level 3)

In terms of developing organisations, the following is true for their project controls function:

  • Some rely heavily on their respective professional teams to supply them with proper reporting and project controls. Although some of these teams may be highly skilled, there are mostly a lack of standardised control between teams and each project team has their own unique, predefined reporting systems as per their company standard.
  • Other institutions obtain state-of-the-art control systems on a senior level in their company for excessive fees. Often these systems never fulfil their intended role because they cannot function effectively without proper control systems implemented on Level 2 and 1 mentioned above.
  • Developers also have unique requirements as they have very sensitive assumptions about their projects success based on time and budget.  If these assumptions change it may impact drastically on their complete business case.

 At Le Roux Consulting we provide developers with their own team of project controls experts. We understand your sensitive business case and unique requirements. Our teams can perform the following functions for you on a project basis or for a portfolio of projects:

  • We allow your development teams to focus on what they are good at while our teams set up, manage and maintain the complete project control infrastructure for your  organisation.
  • We compile accurate schedules based on the concept and provide your professional team with guidance in terms of their required outputs and timing of their responsibilities.
  • To ensure that you get consistent, standardised schedules of high quality on your projects, we compile the contractual framework for contractors to adhere to in terms of their initial construction schedules, schedule revisions and schedule updates and present this as part of the tender documentation.  Our tailored requirement has been adopted by large project institutions such as the University of the Free State as a standard project procurement clause.
  • We do not sit idle on the side-line and dictate the process, we like to get our hands dirty and assist contractors through structured sessions and training to produce schedules that adhere to the good practice principles laid down by the PMI and the CIOB;
  • We ensure that the contractors compile accurate information required schedules to guide the professional team in terms of the information and long lead time frames expected of each discipline.
  • We are technical experts and no construction schedule or software suit escapes our grasp. We help you make simple sense of complex schedules and can perform forensic delay analysis and expert reports on delay claims for your team to present to your client.
  • Knowing the frustration of examining vast amounts of progress paperwork and programmed activities to figure out the true status of a project, we obtain monthly or bi-weekly update information from contractors and convert it into concise, meaningful data for your organisation.
  • Having good project controls in place allows your senior stakeholders to make informed decisions in a timely manner. For this purpose, we provide high quality dashboards with brief and concise information.
  • All our dashboards can be customised to your unique information requirements and we brand them with your logo so you can promote your brand whenever you present your report to external stakeholders or shareholders;
  • We audit progress, delays and risks from an external perspective to ensure you have an independent, expert opinion on the status of your project’s -progress, -delays and -risks at all time.
  • We also specialise in construction,engineering and commercial disputes of a complex -technical, -factual and -legal nature and we have extensive experience in assisting and advising clients who enter into Adjudication or Arbitration.

Become an astutely informed company with high quality dashboard information at your fingertips.

Here are some of the development clients we’ve worked with:

What some of our professional clients are saying

Le Roux Consulting is at all times professional and it is a pleasure to be associated with them. The service they provide is of the highest quality and as a company we would definitely recommend them to anyone in the construction industry looking to improve their business.

Gerald le Roux

Senior Contracts Manager, Ruwacon

We were privileged to be involved in numerous projects where Le Roux Consulting was appointed as programming specialists. Throughout these projects LRC demonstrated their commitment in providing excellent service, paying attention to detail and
their added value exceeds expectations.

Elre vd walt

MD, LimCo QS Arbitration & Project Management

Le Roux Consulting assisted us with a large development where they planned and tracked our progress on a bi-weekly basis. This provided us with key performance information for all our stakeholders and made the project management effort so much easier. As a company they always deliver services on a high standard and we gladly recommend them.

Niel Roberts

Financial Manager, Danso Business Trust

Here is an illustrative list of some of the types of services we provide:

Programming and Scheduling

We ensure you have a construction schedule that conforms to the highest standards on each of your projects.
Information schedules
We keep the team on their toes regarding long lead items and information requirements to ensure minimum delays. We also assist teams with resource histograms and management of Subcontractor schedules.
Detailed updates
By providing regular updates we accurately track progress, risk and delays to ensure that everyone knows where we are, where we should be and what should be done to get back on track.

Delay claims management and arbitration support.

You sleep at night while we save you money by ensuring all delay claims are timeous, professional and backed up by proper data.
Reporting and customised dashboards.
While most teams struggle through stacks of useless reports and data, we provide you with a concise meaningful dashboard report on every project you oversee.
Advance business intelligence and analytics
We can take your existing data and make meaningful sense of it.

Training and education

We deliver expert training solutions to your staff or project teams. Our training courses enable teams to obtain an in-depth understanding of project planning and apply it effectively within their role

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