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Our CCS Candy online planning course will take your career to the next level as you learn how to create a fully linked, resource-, cost-loaded and professional construction schedule using CCS Candy.


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CCS Candy Course Introduction

Master the art of creating a schedule in CCS Candy. Scheduling is an essential project management skill and it’s guaranteed to boost your career and raise your stature as an essential member to the project team. With this short CCS Candy online planning course from Le Roux Consulting, you have the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry and become a CCS Candy planning expert on your next project.  Whatever your job title, the skills you get from this course will help set you apart in the industry.

What you get

39 Video Lectures

High quality video lessons for you to watch and learn from home, your office or even on a remote site location.

CCS Candy sample files

You get to download a real, expertly crafted CCS Candy construction schedule template and sample. You can download and keep the ccs file to learn from.

Tailored Quizzes and Assignments

Between lessons, your knowledge is solidified through case studies, assignments and quizzes.

Real Case-study project

The course walks you through a realistic case study step-by-step and shows you how an expert will apply CCS Candy to schedule the work.

Access to leading CCS Candy Experts

You get to ask your burning questions to one of the leading project management and scheduling experts.

Bonus Content

Bonus content not often shared in the industry.

What our attendees say:

Matthew Versfeld

Engineer, Roadmac Surfacing


CCS Candy – “Excellent course, what I liked most is the step by step teaching method

Clyde Tromp

Engineering Technician, PRASA


MS PROJECT COURSE – “Knowledge like this is rarely shared in our industry as there is always competition amongst
peers. So the sharing of this valuable knowledge is what I appreciated most about the MS Project course

Pierre Cloete

Project Manager, BR Project Management


CCS Candy Course – This was a great course and it assisted me to do better planning on Candy for my future

Chike Okeke

Resident Engineer


MS Project Course – The course is very interactive and straight to the point. I like that it covered all I needed to know about MSP

What you will learn:

Our CCS Candy online planning course is designed to take you through a realistic case study project in CCS Candy. The course is divided into 8 different modules. These modules start with basic fundamentals and build up to ensure you are able to understand, not only the fundamentals of planning but that you are also able to see how a realistic schedule is created and updated using CCS’s software. You will learn the following after completing this course:

  • Understand how to find your way in the software;
  • Understand the fundamentals of Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling and how the software calculates the critical path.
  • Learn about the different task types and logic links in Candy
  • Take a step-by-step approach to scheduling a real project in Candy
  • Learn the importance of Work Breakdown Structures
  • Learn how to produce a Work Breakdown Structure in Candy that is efficient and professional
  • Learn to set up project calendars and unique calendars for different teams
  • Learn how to add milestones to your schedule
  • Understand how to create and assign resources to a schedule
  • Understand how to work with filters and sorting
  • Learn how to use constraints and their role in the schedule
  • See how to capture and manage Baselines
  • Learn how to update your schedule correctly
  • Learn how to report on your schedule with some simple techniques


Get a pdf copy of our detailed course notes on the CCS Candy online planning course.

Course Cirriculum

Module 1 - Explore and understand the CCS Candy interface

Lesson 1 – Creating new companies, jobs or programs

Lesson 2 – Getting familiar with the interface

Lesson 3 – Saving, Backup, duplicating and recovering files

Lesson 4 – Navigating your views

Module 4 - Step-by-step Scheduling the Case Study Project in CCS Candy

Lesson 1 – Introduction to the Case Study project

Lesson 2 – Start a new program and set the start date

Lesson 3 – Adjust the project calendar

Lesson 4 – Principles of setting up and planning your WBS

Lesson 5 – Setting up the WBS in Candy

Lesson 6 – Creating a milestone list

Lesson 7 – Add tasks under each WBS package

Lesson 8 – Add logic to the tasks

Lesson 9 – Add resources to tasks

Assignment 1 – Certificate

Lesson 10 – The completed schedule

Module 7 - Long lead and information required schedules

Lesson 1 – Creating a Long Lead schedule in Candy Part 1

Lesson 2 – Creating a Long Lead schedule in Candy Part 2

Lesson 3 – Creating an Information Required Schedule






Module 2 - Introduction to CPM Scheduling Principles

Lesson 1 – CPM scheduling basics






Module 5 - Advanced techniques and skills to manage your schedule in Candy

Lesson 1 – Most important task interactions and shortcuts

Lesson 2 – Checking WBS levels and task types

Lesson 3 – Using the filter function

Lesson 4 – Adding timelines and changing barchart display options

Lesson 5 – Implementing notes, remarks or yellow tags

Lesson 6 – Creating and allocating codes





Module 8 - Update and track your schedule

Lesson 1 – Update setup and introduction

Lesson 2 – Setting the baseline & preparing to update

Lesson 3 – Performing the update

Lesson 4 – Review the update and isolate variances and delays

Lesson 5 – Update the Long Lead and Info Required Schedule

Lesson 6 – Update reporting




Module 3 - Basic scheduling techniques in Candy

Lesson 1 – Adding new tasks to a schedule

Lesson 2 – Adding logic or interdependence to your schedule

Lesson 3 – Leads and lags

Lesson 4 – Adding resources to your schedule

Lesson 5 – Setting up the project calendar

Module 6 - Reporting and using Candy's reporting module

Lesson 1 – Basic reporting

Lesson 2 – Creating histogram reports

Lesson 3 – Advanced reporting techniques











Lesson Previews

This is a preview of one of the lessons in our online CCS Candy Planning and Scheduling course. We explore the principles of WBS and how important it is to conceptualise a proper WBS for your project before scheduling can start.

Your Instructor

About Kobus Le Roux Consultants 4
About Kobus Le Roux Consultants 4

Kobus le Roux

Senior Scheduling Expert

B.Sc.CM, MBA (Cum Laude), Pr.CPM, PMI-SP, ICIOB, A.A.Arb

Kobus is a professional project manager, planning professional and construction contracts expert.  He is a Scheduling Professional accredited through the international Project Management Institute (PMI).

He is a guest lecturer and PMI Accredited Training Instructor (ATI) for University programs in Project Management as well as PMP exam preparation. He has expert insight into the application of scheduling tools and scheduling principles which he conveys to project management students at Business Schools, IT, Project Management and Construction Economics faculties.

His experience in assisting clients as a professional planner, senior project manager and construction contract expert spans over 15 years during which time he’s assisted numerous project teams and companies with complex, construction schedules, disputes or claims in over 7 countries. He has scheduled and managed numerous high value projects in sectors such as building, civil works, mining, power, rail and oil/gas. He is one of the foremost forensic experts in delay analysis and claims. He is also a leading contributor of commercially related articles and publications on the topic of scheduling and using software to achieve excellent project management results. 

Having dealt with planning, forensic scheduling and project management for a number of prominent clients internationally, Kobus is proficient in planning packages such as Microsoft Project, CCS Candy, Synchro Pro, Asta and Primavera.


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Just three reasons why so many clients across the industry choose us.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When does the course start?

You will have access to the video lessons immediately after you enroll.

I'm new to online courses, what can I expect?

Our online course is delivered through high quality video. Each module consist of a number of video lectures. You can watch and work through these videos in your own time, on any device capable of online video playback. Once you complete a lecture it will be marked as complete and you can move on to the next video lecture.

How much time will it take?

You work at your own pace. It’s quite possible to do the course in less than a day if you have the time. However we suggest you set out 1-2 hours daily so you can focus on getting the most value. You can then finish the course in 2 or 3 days with a 1-2 hour session daily.

How long do I have access to the course?

After enrolling, you will have on-demand access for 12 months.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We have to date never had one participant in a live or online course who felt utterly unhappy with it! In all services we provide we strive to add value and we guarantee our highest quality in every respect. However, our promise is simple, we give your money back if you feel we have not lived up to this expectation. Hence, if you are unsatisfied with your purchase in any way, and if you contact us before obtaining the certificate in the first 30 days after enrollment, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked!

Do I need the software to do the course?

Yes, you do need the software. However, you can obtain a free 30 -day trial of the software from RIB-CCS on their website. We have a seperate video in the course, showing how to obtain a free trial copy of the CCS Candy software. 

Are the videos downloadable?

Unfortunately, the video lessons must viewed live while you are logged in on our training platform. The platform allows you to view them on any device.

Can I earn a certificate of completion on this course?

Yes absolutely. But you are going to have to complete the assignments and quizzes to do so. It’s not that hard, but it’s designed to ensure that you got to grips with the software. There are 2 Assignments you need to complete which will earn you your training certificate.

What Learning Management Platform or Software (LMS) do you use?

We work through Teachable, which is one of the top LMS providers. We have our own custom domain hosted by them. Their platform is safe and very user friendly. 

If you have any questions related to this course or require additional information, you are welcome to contact our training manager Renè at

Enroll with confidence! We offer 100% of your money back if you are not happy with the course.

Get an elite online education from the experts in the field

Please note that Candy is a software product of the company RIB group. You can view their software and products here. We have extensive experience using Candy and its implementation on construction projects however, we have no formal affiliation with RIBCCS or Candy, nor do we claim such a relationship in any manner.

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