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We are construction planners.  We look after the construction programme and manage all claims so you can focus on achieving a profitable project.

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Our Services

We handle the project planning, reporting and contractual claims on any construction project. 

 Our clients  that we help them turn chaos into meaningful and useful information.  

We enable you to make informed decisions, control change, report competently and avoid penalties.  See below our unique offerings based on your specific requirement:

Construction Contractor

Because as a contractor, you should be able to build professionally and make money in your business, not be bogged down in technical planning software and pay penalties when delays are beyond your control.

We offer an outsourced planning, scheduling, claims and reporting function to construction contractors. We set up, manage and maintain a complete project control function for your project at a fraction of the cost of appointing in-house staff.  We also offer highly skilled assistance in delay claim management and our clients value our ability to save them money on penalties and additional P&G costs.  Our customers also like the fact that we make their progress reports look awesome and professional.  As associates to the Association of Arbitrators we are often engaged in formal Adjudication or Arbitration and over the years we have become a trusted partner to assist you as an expert in any dispute.

Construction Professional

As an Architect, Engineer, Quantity Surveyor or Project Manager, you should be able to focus on your unique contribution to a project and not be wasting expert time on trying to make sense of complex bar-charts and claims.

We are professionals in planning and control (PMI-SP’s) and our job is to assist you in gaining complete insight and clarity on your project’s status at all times.

During execution we provide you with meaningful dashboards and information on the progress of the contractor, their information requirements as well as detailed tracking of delays. Our professional clients report that the biggest value we add is to enable them to flag delays or potential delays early on and assisting them with comprehensive, objective information to adjudicate delay claims.

a Developer or Institution

It is important for developers or project institutions to have an independent, objective overview of their project’s progress and budget performance.  Your success as a developer hinges on the assumptions you made when you launched the specific project.  Many of our development clients find a disconnect between the detailed programme of the contractor and the information provided by the professional team and they are constantly in the dark with regard to the risks in terms of delay or additional costs.  We assist developers to make better assumptions with regards to time management and planning of projects and also provide independent project audits and dashboards for their portfolio of projects.


Our clients range from construction contractors to developers and construction professionals.  

Because we work with such a variety of different role players within the construction industry, we are able to bring exceptional skills and provide helpful, well-rounded assistance to each client we take on.

What some of our clients say:

We worked together with Le Roux Consulting on a large commercial development and they played a vital role in professionally assisting both client and contractor with advice on programme management and resolving complex issues in terms of progress, claims and delays.

Terence Elliot

Senior Engineer, MVD Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers

We were privileged to be involved in numerous projects where Le Roux Consulting was appointed as programming specialists. Throughout these projects LRC demonstrated their commitment in providing excellent service, paying attention to detail and
their added value exceeds expectations.

Elre vd walt

MD, LimCo QS Arbitration & Project Management

Le Roux Consulting is at all times professional and it is a pleasure to be associated with them. The service they provide is of the highest quality and as a company we would definitely recommend them to anyone in the construction industry looking to improve their business.

Gerald le Roux

Senior Contracts Manager, Ruwacon

Here are just few ways our team can support you…

Programming and Scheduling

We ensure you have a construction schedule that conforms to the highest standards on each of your projects.

Information schedules

We keep the team on their toes regarding long lead items and information requirements to ensure minimum delays. We also assist teams with resource histograms and management of Subcontractor schedules.

Detailed updates

By providing regular updates we accurately track progress, risk and delays to ensure that everyone knows where we are, where we should be and what should be done to get back on track.

Delay claims management and arbitration support.

You sleep at night while we save you money by ensuring all delay claims are timeous, professional and backed up by proper data.

Reporting and customised dashboards.

While most teams struggle through stacks of useless reports and data, we provide you with a concise meaningful dashboard report on every project you oversee.

Advance business intelligence and analytics

We can take your existing data and make meaningful sense of it.

Training and education

We deliver expert training solutions to your staff or project teams. Our training courses enable teams to obtain an in-depth understanding of project planning and apply it effectively within their role

How our service works

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